Car/Motorbike rental

Let us arrange all of your transportation needs! Motorbikes starting from 250 baht per day, cars starting at 800 baht per day. Special weekly and monthly rates available. While cars provide the easiest mode of transport for larger groups, scooters are the most common means of transportation in Phuket.

Most scooters from Honda and Yamaha, range from 110cc-300cc in engine size, with the most common bikes being Honda Click 125cc and Honda Zoomer 110cc. Honda PCX 150cc provides a more comfortable ride for two, while Honda Forza or Yamaha X-max 300cc should be reserved for more experienced drivers who can handle the powerful engine.

When renting a car, the smaller models prove much easier to navigate through traffic and when finding parking.

Upon renting any vehicle, a copy of your passport and license is required, as well as a security deposit depending on the size of your vehicle. Helmets are required for motorbikes by law in Thailand, and if you are stopped at a checkpoint without one, you will have to pay a small ticket fee. Be sure to inquire before you arrive to ensure availability.